Tips for Those Who Forgot to Sign up for Medicare Part D

Tips for Those Who Forgot to Sign up for Medicare Part D

On December 7th, open enrollment has ended, and if you are not qualified for a special sign up period, you can’t enroll in Part D until the next October. This week I got calls from participants of Medicare, confused and angered. They yelled at me and insulted me. I honestly do not bother about it, but this made me think of writing a blog to help people understand the options they can use when Part D is beyond their reach, here are some ideas on how to get coverage for your prescription drugs.


In your search engine, search for the words “recipes coupons” and you will see hundreds of websites giving out coupons for all drugs imaginable. You can also search for a specific medication by typing the keyword “medication name” into a search engine.Another way out is to contact the company that sells the drug and ask if it has a coupon to send. Many companies publish interesting or nice offers on their websites. This may seem easy, however, the simplest solutions can be effective.

Prescription Assistance Programs

There are many programs like these, some of which are state specific. These programs are not insurance policies, but they help reduce the cost of prescription drugs.You must request and qualify for a utility. On arrival, you will generally receive a discount card that entitles you to discounts at pharmacies.The problem with these programs is that you may not be eligible for Part D after registering for a public service. These programs are designed for people who desperately need those who can not afford prescription drugs or bonuses offering D or D franchises. There are also programs for seniors and programs for children under 65 years. Therefore, it is important to inquire before making the request.

RX assistance is a program I found only after 10 minutes of searching.

Pharmacy Programs

Large supermarkets such as HEB and Walmart offer discount programs for pharmacies. By signing up for these programs, you can get some (and not all) medicines at significantly reduced prices. You will have to pay a small fee to sign up for these programs but get a prescription at a very low cost ($ 5 for 30 days HEB) drugs. Now, Walmart has proposed a lucrative program that offers $ 4 in drugs.As you can see, there are options. Of course, my advice is to not hang up or yell at your agent before I can provide assistance. Your situation may not be clear enough for you to understand. You may be eligible for a special enrollment period. Generally, adequate circumstances are such that they leave a coverage area that inadvertently leaves the Medicare Advantage plan or other circumstances beyond your control.

Although I wish I could perform some magic and solve the problem, that is what it is. Certain similarities include not finishing the vote on time for an investigation, applying for a grant or a grant after the deadline or submitting a late project work. There are reasons for delays and you do not have to chase after you, your agent or the government. The mistakes do occur, but fortunately there are resources mentioned above for beneficiaries of Medicare who can tell if they forget to sign up for Part D.

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