Medicare Advantage plans in Florida

Medigap plan or Medicare Medicare Advantage plans plan is what you can choose along with the original Medicare plan. It provides all of the benefits of plan A and plans B of the Original Medicare plan along with added over-the-counter benefits and expense coverage. Listed below are a few popular plans in Florida.


  1. AARP Plan K

One of the cheapest plans available in the market, it starts with a very reasonable monthly premium. You have the freedom to choose from a wide range of doctors whoever accepts Medicare patients. They provide an all paid ambulance as well as emergency services.


  1. Humana Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F

It is comparatively more expensive than other plans but still a fair amount on the services it offers. It provides an annual deductible amount of $2300. There is no limit to the out-of-pocket expenses which is a major drawback of this plan. It provides a free inpatient hospital coverage for the first 60 days. They also provide the skilled nursing facility at $0 for the first 100 days.


  1. High Deductible Plan F

With an average star rating of 4, the plan works fairly well for all segments of needs. Ambulance service, emergency room services, and preventive care are provided at no additional expense, that is totally free of cost. They also provide free home services and skilled nursing services for the first 100 days. Like most of the supplement plans, they do not provide part D, or prescription drugs in their plan.


  1. New Era Life Insurance Plan F

The plan is a high deductible plan F, with no limit for out-pocket expenses. They do not charge for the office visit to the doctor, and the doctor can be chosen out of the network as long as e takes medicare patients. These services do not cover foreign emergency and you have to pay all of those expenses on your own. However, they do cover the excess charges that some doctors or services may charge. Review Medicare advantage plans to save.


  1. AARP Plan L

Starting from $116 monthly premium, it is a Medicare Advantage plans type policy. They provide an out-of-pocket expense of $2780. Emergency room services are not totally paid and you have to pay 5% until you reach Medicare-approved amounts. Outpatient, lab. X-ray and radiology are also covered and can access them at no expense once the Medicare-approved amount has reached. They provide all paid skilled nursing facilities for the first 20 days. However, they cover the foreign expenses if you travel out of the U.S. in an emergency case.

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